Office ergonomics

Does your neck or back hurt after working at your computer all day long? Do your wrists hurt after a long day at work? Or are you following this course to prevent all of this? This e-learning [...]

The future of work

Lynda Gratton has made her mark in the world of organisational behaviour and future-proofing organisations. She analyses the future of work from five different angles, known as the ‘shaping [...]


This e-learning describes the basic expectations that are required in order to create a safe working environment for everyone. It includes descriptions of what constitutes sexual harassment, [...]

Business thinking

Gary Hamel is one of the worlds most influential figures when it comes to business thinking. He is one of the co-founders of the Core Competencies concept and is a expert in the field of [...]

Disruptive innovation

The concept of disruptive innovation was introduced by Clayton Christensen. This essential explains the basic principles involved and describes how organisations can use disruptive innovation to [...]