Primair onderwijs

Geef jij les in het primair onderwijs? Met dit abonnement haal jij het beste uit jezelf. Denk aan cursussen als Klassenmanagement, Voortgangsgesprekken, Begrijpend lezen en Talentontwikkeling in [...]

Presentation skills

Giving a presentation in front of a group of people can be a nerve-wracking experience. This e-learning gives you techniques and tips that will help you improve your presentation skills and make [...]

Time management

Do you find it difficult to plan your daily activities efficiently and realistically? This e-learning gives you practical tips and tools to help you manage your time more effectively and achieve [...]

Performance review

If you’re a manager, how do you start a performance review with an employee? What are focus areas? How do you give feedback about his or her performance? In this video feedback series, you will [...]

Difficult situations

As a manager, you should be able to deal with difficult situations. In this video feedback series you will find examples of these kind of situations, such as dealting with gossip, dealing with [...]

Blue ocean strategy

The blue ocean model is based on the theory that there are two kinds of business markets: red oceans, that are full of competitors, and blue oceans, that are free of competitors. How can [...]

Managing your colleagues

How should you handle colleagues and supervisors who interrupt you too often with ‘quick questions’? This essential uses the 80-20 principle to help you discover the answer.

Managing your customers

How can you manage your customers in an effective and efficient way? This essential gives you several tips to help ensure you make the most of your customer contact.

Time management: secondary tasks

Once you have planned in the most important and urgent tasks, the ‘stones’, you can move on to the secondary tasks. The ‘pebbles’ are tasks that are important but not [...]

Managing your surroundings

How can you influence the world around you so that you can organise your working time more effectively? When and how can you say ‘no’ to a proposal without making apologies? Take a [...]