Online training bij Beter Bed

Met meer dan 1000 medewerkers is Beter Bed een van de grootste aanbieders in Nederland op het gebied van slaapbeleving. Bij Beter Bed geloven ze dat medewerkers in het kader van goed [...]

Hierom koos Brunel voor SkillsTown

Brunel wil een goede en gave werkgever zijn, die investeert in zijn mensen. Patrick Kostwinder, Lead Global Digital Learning, lanceerde daarom vorig jaar met zijn team de Brunel Academy.

Top 10 office exercises

Sitting in the same position for long periods of time is bad for your health. This essential teaches you ten different exercises to help you stay fit while working at your desk.

Goal of a meeting

The success of a meeting depends on several factors. This essential describes how how important it is to define clear goals for your meetings and gives you some useful tips.

Reaching a consensus

What factors play a role in reaching a consensus? This is one of the questions covered in this essential. What is your role as a team member in reaching a consensus?

Role of the chairperson

The chairperson of a meeting plays an important role and must therefore have the right skills and knowledge. This essential teaches you about the tasks a chairperson should perform and gives some [...]


What are the typical characteristics of a brainstorm session? What are the ground rules and guidelines? This essential answers these questions and more so that you can use brainstorming successfully!