Cross-cultural workplace dynamics

Cultural differences can have more impact than you might think. Knowing how to navigate these differences and being able to adjust your behaviour accordingly are priceless skills to have. This [...]

Negotiation: The Harvard Method

The Harvard Method is an approach to principled negotiations. It describes four basic rules for the negotiation process that focus on establishing as many shared viewpoints as possible, with the [...]

Collective innovation

Linda Hill is seen as one of the most influential figures in the world of innovation. Her insights into redefining role and responsibilities show that everybody has a role to play in the [...]

Mastenbroek: the procedure

What is the best procedure to follow when it comes to successful negotiating? Should you focus on piling on the pressure and completing the negotiations as quickly as possible or is it better to [...]

Mastenbroek: the relationship

Negotiating is always a two-way street, so it is always important to develop and nurture a good relationship. Take care that you maintain the power balance and the set the right tone. This [...]

Mastenbroek: the content

What should you include in the actual content of your negotiations? Is it better to list lots of facts and figures, or to avoid them? Should you bombard the other party with endless arguments or [...]

Mastenbroek: introduction

Negotiating is a complex activity. In order to clarify the various processes involved, Willem Mastenbroek defined three aspects that can be applied to all negotiations. This essential explains [...]

Masters in Management: Wout Plevier

Masters in Management is de tweewekelijkse podcast voor leiders en managers die organisaties verder willen helpen met een innovatieve kijk op zaken én een verrassende aanpak. In deze eerste [...]